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CS105: Introduction to Computer Concepts
CS108: An Introduction to Python
CS109: Computer Programming for Engineering
CS110: Introduction to Computing
CS119: Computer Language Supplement
CS187SL: Science Gateway Seminar I
CS188SL: Science Gateway Seminar II
CS210: Intermediate Computing with Data Structures
CS220: Applied Discrete Mathematics
CS240: Programming in C
CS271L: Introduction to Cognitive Science
CS285L: Social Issues and Ethics in Computing
CS310: Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
CS341: Computer Architecture and Organization
CS341L: Computer Architecture and Organization
CS410: Introduction to Software Engineering
CS411: Competitive Programming
CS413: Applied Cryptography
CS414: Blockchain Technology
CS420: Introduction to the Theory of Computation
CS430: Database Management Systems
CS433: Big Data Analytics
CS436: Database Application Development
CS437: Database-Backed Web Sites and Web Services
CS438: Applied Machine Learning
CS442: Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things
CS443: Mobile Applications
CS444: Introduction to Operating Systems
CS446: Introduction to Internetworking
CS449: Introduction to Computer Security
CS450: The Structure of Higher Level Languages
CS451: Compilers
CS460: Graphics
CS461: Computer Games Programming
CS470: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS478: Independent Study
CS480: Special Topics
CS495: Practicum in Computer Science
CS498: Honors Thesis
CS612: Algorithms in Bioinformatics
CS613: Applied Cryptography
CS614: Blockchain Technology
CS615: User Interface Design
CS620: Theory of Computation
CS622: Theory of Formal Languages
CS624: Analysis of Algorithms
CS630: Database Management Systems
CS634: Architecture of Database Systems
CS636: Database Application Development
CS637: Database-Backed Web Sites and Web Services
CS638: Applied Machine Learning
CS642: Cybersecurity in the Internet of Things
CS644: Operating Systems
CS646: Computer Communication Networks
CS648: Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing
CS651: Compilers
CS670: Artificial Intelligence
CS671: Machine Learning
CS675: Computer Vision
CS680: Object-Oriented Design and Programming
CS681: Object-Oriented Software Development
CS682: Software Development Laboratory I
CS696: Independent Study
CS697: Special Topics
CS698: Practicum in Computer Science
CS699: Research for MS Thesis
CS720: Logical Foundations in Computer Science
CS724: Topics in Algorithm Theory and Design
CS752: Parallel Programming
CS899: Research for PhD Thesis
IT110: IT Problem Solving
IT111L: Managerial Statistics
IT114L: Introduction to Java Part I
IT115L: Introduction to Java Part II
IT116: Introduction to Scripting
IT117: Intermediate Scripting
IT187SL: Science Gateway Seminar I
IT210L: Intermediate Computing with Data Structures
IT220: Computer Forensics I
IT221: Computer Forensics II
IT230L: Relational Databases
IT240: Web Fluency
IT244: Introduction to Linux/Unix
IT246: Introduction to Networks
IT285L: Social Issues and Ethics in Computing
IT341: Introduction to System Administration
IT360: Enterprise Software
IT370: Business Intelligence Applications
IT420: Network and Mobile Forensics
IT421: Digital Forensics/Malware Analysis
IT425L: Project Management
IT428: Introduction to Information Security
IT428L: Information System Security
IT441: Network Services Administration
IT442: Windows System Administration
IT443: Network Security Administration
IT444: Network Security Administration II
IT456: Information Storage and Management
IT460: Integration Methodologies and Tools
IT461: System Analysis and Design
IT461L: Systems Analysis and Design
IT471: Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence
IT472: Data Mining for Management Applications
IT478: Independent Study
IT480: Special Topics
IT485: Information Technology Capstone

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