The CS department employs a network of 46 Dell PowerEdge servers behind a Palo Alto firewall to support our Computer Science and Information Technology courses. We also utilize two Dell Equal Logic and one Dell SCv3000 iSCSI SANs. Students use PCs in the UNIX Lab, Web Lab, and Information Technology (IT) Lab to access the servers for their programming assignments.

The following information details the equipment in the various labs:

The UNIX/PC Lab (M-3-731) is equipped with:

  • Networked HP M606dn printers
  • 38 Dell Optiplex 7040 workstations
  • 1 Dell Optiplex 7050 workstation
  • 5 Dell Optiplex 7070 workstations
Total of 44 PCs:
  • 22 running Windows
  • 22 running Ubuntu Linux

See the UNIX/PC Lab in 3D!

The Web Lab (M-3-732) is equipped with:

  • 19 Dell Optiplex 7050 workstations (Windows)
  • 1 Teaching Lectern*
  • 1 Retractable 80"x50" White Screen
  • 1 190"x48" White Board
  • 1 LCD Laser Projector
Total of 19 PCs: Includes Resident PC

See the Web Lab in 3D!

The IT Lab (M-3-730) is equipped with:

  • 11 Dell Optiplex 7060 workstations (Windows)
  • 9 Dell Optiplex 7070 workstations (windows)
  • 1 Teaching Lectern*
  • 1 Retractable 80"x48" White Screen
  • 1 286"x48" White Board
  • 1 LCD Laser Projector
Total of 20 PCs: Includes Resident PC

* Teaching Lectern contains:

  • Blu-Ray DVD
  • Resident PC
  • Laptop HDMI Connection
  • Laptop VGA Connection
  • Hardline Internet connection to UMB Network

See the IT Lab in 3D!

Lectern is connected to a LCD Laser Projector displaying 94” image onto the projection screen.

IT students use them to access Linux and Windows Virtual Machines running on the Dell PowerEdge servers.

All CS labs offer 24x7 access. Users need to get a door code to access the Web Lab (M-3-732) and the IT Lab (M-3-730) as they are instructional labs. Access to the UNIX/PC Lab (M-3-731) requires a call to Public Safety if the doors are closed. Users need to make sure that their names are on the access list posted on the wall next to the door of the UNIX/PC Lab. All the labs are maintained by three full-time system staff and a number of student operators. The system satff along with the student operators provide help desk support functions to faculty, staff, and students using a ticket request system (RT). A faculty member serves as the lab director to supervise the full-time system staff and sets department IT policies and procedures.

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